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Sorry for the NAC post, but I need some real help:

My wife and I own a business in Grand Rapids, MI, selling Granite and Marbl=
e to retail customers and builders. We have the lowest process in town, and=
 the highest quality, and can prove it!

Our competitors can't compete with us on price and quality, so they are now=
 resorting to slander and tort, spending allot of time talking us down to p=
otential customers with lies! This has caused us to have had NO sales since=
 Sept. 26Th 2002, so as anyone can imagine, we are steadily running out of =

We have contacted attorneys in Grand Rapids, but have found no one willing =
or able to take on our case, except one, who believes we have a good case, =
but is asking for a large retainer. As I stated, we are running out of cash=
, so that is not an option...

Anyone on the list with any advice or help on how to go after these compani=
es and individuals to make them stop doing what they're doing, and perhaps =
seek financial damages, would be tremendously appreciated.

Again, sorry for the WOB.

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1St Choice Granite, Inc.

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