[LAC] Rally history facts?

lrickert at covad.net lrickert at covad.net
Fri Jan 17 10:05:10 EST 2003

I am having a discussion with a friend of mine about group B rally cars and the
modern WRC versions. I don't want to start any arguments on the list, I just
would like to find some stage times from the mid 80's that can be compared to
the same stages in modern cars. Our discussion is basically about the merits of
mid-engine conversions for rally cars.  I know the group B cars were lighter and
high powered, so in a straight line or fast special stage they were faster, but
it is my understanding that overall the modern WRC cars are faster due to their
advanced technology. The reduced power might actually make them better handling
and certainly makes them safer. The modern cars are probably less reliable with
all their electronic silliness and transmission problems but that isn't the
question here.

Thanks and please respond off list


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