Heater Core Problems on 1989 90

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Dave,  I replaced it with a generic Stant thermostat.  What parts do you
use- I don't see people raving about them.  I will go back and check the
temp rating.  I did not closely note how I oriented the thermostat when I
installed it.  Do you think that may be a problem?


1989 90Q

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One thing I just thought of from my experience replacing the T-stat

The thermostat in my car was a 'summer' variety that opens at 80 degrees
celcius. I can't recall ever replacing it before...niether could the
owner.  I suspect I probably 'had it done' while prepping the car for some
rallies two years ago.  Tech probably put the summer one in, factoring in
abuse I was going to put forth.

The difference in heat between a working 80deg 'summer' T-stat and an 'all
season' 87deg t-stat is AMAZING!  I used to get heat, but it was more like
blow-dryer on it's low setting.  NOW I get "hotter-then-hell" heat with the

87deg unit.

As a side note, it's also letting the engine get up to what I feel is
oil and H20 temperatures.


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