Anti-freeze/coolant question (green, orange or pink)

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Fri Jan 24 08:21:51 EST 2003

I'm not sure if you can mix G12 (pink) and DexCool (orage), but from what I've seen as long as you do a good flushing, you can run either in your Audi. I've been using DexCool for many years in my various Audis (4000 5+5, 90q & CGT). Never had a cooling system failure...

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> Subject: Anti-freeze/coolant question (green, orange or pink)
> As far as I know, there are three different types
> of coolant, the common green stuff, Orange GM Dex-cool and
> the fluid made by Pentosin, which is brilliant pink in
> color. I know that common green cannot be mixed with
> dex-cool, as an acidic condition will result. It's this
> pink stuff that is being used in some newer European cars,
> from a manufacturer called Pentosin from Germany. They
> claim the stuff is 'lifetime' as opposed to Dex-cools
> 'extended life' formula. My question is, can one mix
> dex-cool with Pentosin? I have and anti-freeze recycler
> that only holds one brand of coolant. I am using the common
> green stuff, but would like to switch over to a coolant
> that is more agreeable to a variety of cars. Any thoughts
> on this?? Thanks!!
> Rolf

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