A dream come true

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Fri Jan 24 10:34:11 EST 2003

This reminds me that I really need to get my '85 urq up and running!

Quoting Jenny Curtis <jenny at physics.umn.edu>:

> Hi Q-listers:
> It's been ages since I posted, but I didn't want to jinx this by
> announcing on the list too soon.
> I bought Mike Benno's 1984 Ur-Quattro.  I'm very excited as this is been
> my dream car for the last five years.  I still can't believe it's really
> mine, but this morning when I opened my garage door, there it was.  So I
> guess it wasn't a dream afterall.
> Graham and I took it for a spin around 694 and down river road/St.
> Anthony Parkway (one of my secret speedy roads that's curvy and free of
> traffic/cops.) after I picked up the car last night.  The car is just so
> fun to drive, but I really have to get used to a completely different
> clutch feel and the fact that that I need to brake much earlier and
> harder than I ever do in the Princess.  That would be because I usually
> find myself going fast much more quickly with the turbo.
> I have also had turbo fever for along time now, and it's just so awesome
> to drive a turbo and a quattro at the same time.
> Another thing is totally awesome is that it has euro headlights.  On the
> very dark parts of river road, I could actually see without turning on
> my brights.
> I'm going to take the week-end to drive the car (if the roads are clear)
> and think about the first projects I want to do.  I will definitely want
> to track this car at driving schools, but still keep it
> usable/comfortable for everyday driving.
> On another topic, as I'm watching the snow fall and wimpering thinking
> about going out in the cold, cold outdoors, does anyone know about the
> status of ice racing for the Glacial Lakes Q Club?  We have to get some
> benefit out of this bone-chilling weather.
> Jenny Allan
> 86 4kqcs: The Eurotrash Princess
> 84 Ur-Q (wooohoooo!)


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