engine speed sender R&R/ 90 200tqa

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
Fri Jan 24 13:54:02 EST 2003

well, if you're getting a hall sender or reference sensor code, I
would confirm it with a no spark test. Pull plug wire #1 and then fit
it onto a grounded spark plug and crank. BTDT two weeks ago when I
broke the reference sensor pin on my flywheel.

As far as checking the clearance, unless something was there or
moving about, you shouldn't have to worry, but I'll dispense the
advice anyhow. The best way is to pull the starter, then visually in
spect the pin. Rotate the engine until it's visible through the
starter hole. Next, well first, you should remove the sensor and
check it for scratches or nicks anywhere in the surface of the tip.
Clearance: smear something viscous, but not runny on the pin and
rotate the engine. I used some silicone sealer. I smear it, then
flatten it to the desired thickness. The pin is supposed to run very
close to the sensor, so go thin at first, inspect both parts, then
thicken it until you see some interference. Clean the pin and the
sensor (if you get that far).

Again, I'm not diagnosing, but just giving out some advice based on
my recent experience. Should you have a problem with the pin being
broken, I consider myself an expert on its r&r. It was very easy to
replace. Is it a possibility that you may have moved the wiring
around in some of the work you've done?

Also, there are two sensors. The white plug is the rpm, I guess you
can call it the speed sensor. The upper (black) one is the
tdc/reference sensor. The former reads off the flywheel teeth. The
latter a single pin located at 60 degrees before tdc on the front
surface of the flywheel. I think you're referring to the latter?
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Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com> writes:
>  Now for the weired part after sitting in the driver
> seat and staring into space wondering whats going on I
> tried to start the car and this time it wouldn't start
> so I cranked it for 5 seconds to read the codes and
> got 2111  sender for engine speed how do I R&R this or
> check the gap? Looks like there's no room at all.
> Would I come up from under the car to check the gap?

IF the car does not start, the 2111 code is to be ignored.  It will
always throw this code if the engine doesn't start.


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