'88 90Q Distributor questions

randy paquette iqtpilot at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 25 16:14:12 EST 2003

Hi everyone,  still trying to get this 90Q that I purchased running.  I
found that the connector on the distributor for the hall sensor was broken
completely off (by a monkey lad I assume).  I did manage to get the car
running by "randomly" twisting the three wires to the three wires on the ECU
side of the connector.  However, I have since not been able to repeat the
sucess  (maybe one of my random combos hurt the hall sensor?).  I tried
soldering the wires on the hall sensor but they don't take solder well and I
know it wouldn't be a long term fix anyway.  So, I took the distributor off
the car.  NOW my questions are 1. can one purchase just the hall sensor
assembly or should I just get a used distributor?  2.  I am definitely going
to need assistance getting the distributor back on correctly - i.e. getting
the splines lined up right and the timing with the outside of the
distributor.  Has anyone a. got a used known good distributor for the 5cyl
NA engine, b. how the heck can I ensure that when i put it on it is on
correctly - I don't have a benleys for this car.
Help is, as always, much appreciated.
Randy Paquette

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