HELP - Timing Belt Off by one tooth - damage????

cobram at cobram at
Sat Jan 25 23:47:39 EST 2003

 siambisg at writes:

> i am a little confused about the timing mark on the
> tranny/bellhousing.  It is to the right of the '0' mark?  I can't
> see anything there.  Or is it the metal straight egde that runs

I like to use the "pencil" method.  Get the "0" TDC mark in the middle of
the slot.  Remove #1 spark plug (clean well around it etc.) and very
slowly turn the engine back and forth enough to make the pencil move
slightly up and down.  A rubber strap wrench around the harmonic balancer
works really well.  This way when the pencil is at the top of it's
travel, you know for sure that the piston is at TDC.  Note where the "0"
is at this point as a reference for the next time you do the job.


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