wife,may have to take away her 4kcsq

Steve Beeler flyboysteve at usa.com
Sun Jan 26 00:58:44 EST 2003

Tell me if I'm out of line here or what...Wife pulls up into the driveway with lifters clacking,  engine sounding like a sewing machine on steroids and said "the engine is making a funny noise,  when was the last time YOU checked the oil?".  Is it not the pilots job to preflight and responsibility to make sure his craft is airworthy?  I haven't driven the 4kq for months,  I forgot it was MY responsibility to preflight her car before every departure.  I taught her how do oil checks years ago as well as change a flat tire but I guess it didn't take.  Should I take back the Audi (amid accusations of her being "unworthy") and let her continue to drive the rice burning p.o.s. honda?  Damn thing is so slow it can't get out of it's own way,  a true pinnacle of Jap econo-engineering,  hell I can't even fit in the thing even with the seats all the way back.  I don't know what I should do,  the honda is really a deathtrap even in a minor wreck and handles too poorly to avoid one,  but damn can't she appreciate the Audi enough to check the oil?  I guess I'm just expecting too much.
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