Type 44 G60's on a Type 89 (85)?

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Sun Jan 26 00:41:50 EST 2003


Does anyone have any experience using G60's from a Type 44 on a Type 89 strut housing?
I understand the rotor-trailing versus rotor-leading orientation of the calipers results in
opposite locations for the larger versus smaller pistons.

I would have to mount the left on the right and vice versa in order for the bleeders to be at
the top.  This would have the effect of having the larger pistons sweep the rotors before the

I got a hold of some Type 89 strut housings, finally.  I'm considering using these with the
G60's I have that originated on a Type 44, for my Coupe GT.  I also picked up the rear disc




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