CGT Speedo Cable Q

Stpndsmnn at Stpndsmnn at
Sun Jan 26 03:40:13 EST 2003


Was getting ready to replace my speedo the other day because of a
non-function condition.   Anyway I got it out and I could turn the part that
the cable goes into and the mileage started to roll and the needle would pick
up if I turned it fast enough.  So now I am thinking th problem is not in the
speedo and more likely betweent the speedo and the trans someplace.

Is there any kind of reduction set-up in that box up in the cowl by the fuse
box.  Just wondering if maybe it you have to have a different box if you have
a different trans.  Also is it common for the internals in that box to go
south or is it more likely one of the cables?

Matt Kramer
' 83 CGtt

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