chrome A4 wheels? was there such a thing?

Tom Nas tnas at
Sun Jan 26 20:05:15 EST 2003

At 19:52 26-1-03 +0100, Per Lindgren wrote:

>>Not on the A4, but the TT had polished five-spoke wheels as an option for a
>>while. They had wider spokes and a dished centre.

>Optional on the 150 and 180 hp versions, stock on the 225q.

Not here in Holland- we got the 17in 7-spoke alloys on all TTs, though the
180 later got the 5-spoke wheels. Most people here opted for the 7-spoke
wheels anyway. I'm not sure they actually sold any 150 hp cars here... the
polished wheels were optional (you could get polished wheels as an option
on your A3 as well, my brother's previous company car had those).

Regards, Tom

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