I got hit - fixing updates (long)

Richard J Lebens rick-l at rocketmail.com
Sun Jan 26 11:21:38 EST 2003

Having been in this situation before have them total the car and argue
about that price. The problem is the independent adjuster
unrealistically cuts cost everywhere and declares it settled when the
body shop says it is done. When the doors don't close or it rattles the
adjuster then says it is a problem between you and the body shop.  The
body shop says we did the best we can and it's acceptable. At that
point when you contact an attorney he says it will cost more than you
will recover to pursue it. Argue about value is cheaper than the
technical merits of a repair.

When you get in a not at fault accident like this handled by an
independent adjuster maximize your profit and maybe you'll break even.

--- Zsolt <zsolt1 at telusplanet.net> wrote:
> Those of you who remember, I got t-boned by a half ton a couple of
> weeks
> ago. Sounds like the car is going to be fixed and the insurance is
> paying for it.
> The original estimate at the bodyshop came to about $6,000 CAN.  The
> adjuster had an appraisal done by an independent company which came
> to
> $4,000 CAN. The difference is in the parts. Originally I had them
> spec
> new doors (passenger side front and back) and also a windshield which
> cracked upon the impact.
> They do not want to replace my front door, claiming it can be
> repaired
> and they quoted a used door for the back. They would also not allow
> the
> windshield, because it had rockchips. (The appraiser's argument was
> that
> if it didn't have any rockchips it wouldn't have cracked. Mine; if I
> didn't get hit, it wouldn't have cracked either!) I am also unhappy
> about the front door, since I DO NOT want a repaired (ground and
> filled)
> door on my car! I still have to argue with the adjuster about these
> issues. I don't mind using used parts. (I found a set of red doors
> that
> are in good shape, and they don't have to be painted inside), but I
> want
> them replaced along with the windshield. It's bad enough that the
> quarter panel is going to be repaired.
> They also using base and clear coats (the original red did not have
> clear) and since they're at it I want to whole car painted too. Also,
> since they have to fix the passenger side quarter panel anyway,
> (above
> the wheel) I want to get the wheel well deepened (both sides of
> course),
> so I can put bigger tires on the car. (that I'm kind of happy about).
> For the trim, I would like to make all the stainless steel/chrome
> parts
> black, (kind of like this car in the link below)- which can be done
> later,
> http://hometown.aol.com/Quattringo/index.html
> but I am concerned if it is just painted it will chip (especially on
> the
> front) and it will look like crap. Any other processes (anodized?)
> that
> somebody can think of or done that you'd recommend? And finally I am
> going to replace the front grill with another one (probably make one
> up)
> that will have a black mesh instead of the horizontal grill).
> The car already has Euro headlights, V8 tail lights, Koni sport
> shocks
> with H&R springs and a chipped ECU by Scott Mockry. I can't wait to
> have
> it all finished, especially since they gave me a newish Taurus for
> the
> time being. (I can't believe they still make such a lousy car...)
> Sorry for the WOB, I just wanted to share the progress. Please let me
> know what you think about all of these.
> Thanks,
>    Zsolt

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