Royal Ford of the Boston Globe bashes VW/Audi on ignition coils

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Sun Jan 26 15:25:41 EST 2003

Brett Dikeman <brett at> writes:

> Far as I can tell from Mr. Ford's own article, Audi and VW are
> doing everything right; they're prioritizing, fessing up to the
> and treating people fairly.

Not from what I read.  Audi is doing what it always does, puts a Band-Aid
on the problem (replace the ONE bad coil), has NOT instituted a recall of
any kind, and based on their past performance on such issues, will be
replacing the coils one by one till the cars are out of warranty.
Typical of what Audi (and other manufacturers) do almost all the time.
It wouldn't surprise me if the new coils aren't exactly the same as the
ones that are failing...just keep changing them with the same thing until
the cars are out of warranty.

If Audi had really changed it's stripes, it would have announced a
complete recall to change all the coils, explaining the supply problems
to owners and advising them that they would receive notices to bring
their cars in for coil replacement as the supplies increase.  (GM did
this with engine sensor problem on some of it's S10's a while back.)
Someone who has gone out and bought a VAG product shouldn't have to learn
about something like this from a tow truck driver or a newspaper article.
 Audi/VW probably knew about the bad coils when the cars were still on
the production line, weighed their options, now customers and dealers
have to deal with it.  Their biggest mistake was probably figuring the
coils would make it past the warranty period before failure.


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