farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

Steve Marinello smarinello at telocity.com
Sun Jan 26 15:38:12 EST 2003

Anyone want to pipe in with experience on the BIRA UFO upgrade solution with
the Mercedes rotors?  I've got a good friend considering that one right now.


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> >--- ben swann <benswann at comcast.net> wrote:
> >>  Would it be worth taking/swapping the calipers off the '87
> >>  5000 tq, as
> >  > the car will likely be for parts?
> At 10:19 AM -0800 1/26/03, Todd Phenneger wrote:
> >Yes, do it.
> No, no, no, NO, NO!, NO!!  #$!!@...Todd, forgive me, I've blown a
> gasket after reading your response, so this is going to be terse.
> >   It is an upgrade, not a downgrade, cheaper parts
> The 200q20v weighs 3,600lb and has, in stock form 50 more HP; Ben's
> new purchase probably has another 50-60(dunno how much power SJM's
> chip makes exactly) going for it with the chip.  You're saying it's
> an "upgrade not a downgrade" to go from UFOs to G60's for such a
> heavier, powerful car?  It's a DRASTIC reduction in stopping power;
> you're dropping from a 12.2" rotor to what, a 10-something?
> Half the reason the UFO rotor weighs so much is because it's so big
> and it's very thick; that weight means thermal capacity.  If the
> rotor ring weighs twice as much, it can absorb twice as much energy
> for the same temperature differential.
> >, easier servicing
> You've obviously never worked on a UFO-equipped car.  Pull a clip,
> one pad pulls out in your hand.  Undo the torx screw on the rotor,
> now the rotor comes off(especially easy when the pads are worn).  Now
> you pull the second pad off.
>    It's EASIER to 'service' than a regular caliper, because you don't
> have to undo a carrier bolt or anything to change both pads and
> rotors!  In fact, the only tools you need are a torx driver and a
> pair of pliers to push the piston in.  No wrenches needed.
> Then let's note that it is a single piston, whereas the G60 is
> double.  Which means that the only other servicing one would
> do(replacing seals and boots) is twice as much work.
> >much less unsprung weight
> Except the stock wheels weigh 15lb apiece, so it's not really an issue.
> >And easier wheel fitiment.
> Wheel fitment is NOT a problem on 200q20vs; plenty of wheels fit,
> more in fact than do a regular type44.
> >   However, you have to swap over the entire strut housing.  If
> >you can put in S6 Hubs inplace of the 5ktq hubs.
> ...which pretty much negates the cheaper rotors, doesn't it. Not to
> mention all the labor involved in swapping the struts etc negates the
> (false) claim of easier serviceability on the G60s.
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