farewall to the 91 200q20v avant

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Jan 26 17:25:02 EST 2003

At 3:38 PM -0600 1/26/03, Steve Marinello wrote:
>Anyone want to pipe in with experience on the BIRA UFO upgrade solution with
>the Mercedes rotors?  I've got a good friend considering that one right now.

 From a financial standpoint(compared to UFO rotors/pads), you don't
break even on costs until at least 4-5 sets of rotors later(read:
life of the car, practically), since the brackets are unfortunately
very pricey for the UFO strut due to low quantities, the Mercedes
rotors are pretty fierce in cost themselves, and they have to be
machined.  If you've got G60 struts already it makes much more sense;
the UFO conversion for a G60 car is a much nicer proposition, doesn't
use as expensive a rotor, to boot.

Greg is a friend(disclaimer) and was a longtime 200q20v lister.  I'd
recommend BIRA to anyone that does a lot of track events, it's even
easier than the UFOs. I've seen a pad swap done in about 10 seconds
by pulling one pin, and they can be bled with the wheel still on the
car.  Both operations are musts for track event participants(with
heavy use, at a big/fast track like Watkins, you -can- go through a
substantial part of your pads!), and yes, they are much lighter than
the UFOs but no sacrifices in rotor size. I believe pedal feel and
modulation is better, but Taka's the guy to ask.

You'll loose the ability to run 15" snows, but you can still get
snow-biased all seasons like the NRW in 16" and 17" sizes if you need
a winter tire for your area.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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