CGT Speedo Cable Q

Huw Powell human747 at
Mon Jan 27 02:25:42 EST 2003

> Was getting ready to replace my speedo the other day because of a
> non-function condition.   Anyway I got it out and I could turn the part that
> the cable goes into and the mileage started to roll and the needle would pick
> up if I turned it fast enough.  So now I am thinking th problem is not in the
> speedo and more likely betweent the speedo and the trans someplace.
> Is there any kind of reduction set-up in that box up in the cowl by the fuse
> box.  Just wondering if maybe it you have to have a different box if you have
> a different trans.  Also is it common for the internals in that box to go
> south or is it more likely one of the cables?

the box is the OXS counter/timer thingie.  It runs off the cable, the
lower cable directly connects through it to the upper cable.

the box can get grungy with age and cause breakage of the lower cable.
Both cable still available new via dealer, and maybe some aftermarket

a photo and more words at:

Huw Powell

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