bleeding brakes off-bracket

auditude at auditude at
Mon Jan 27 13:29:23 EST 2003


I'm going to use some T44 G60's on T89 strut housings, and I've been mulling over in my head how best to do this.

There is an issue of different bores for leading and trailing pistons in the caliper, and the caliper to disc orientation is opposite between T44 and T89.  T89 strut housings put the calipers behind the rotors, and T44's have the calipers in front.

Not knowing the drawbacks for reversing the orientation of the different piston bores, but having some faith in the Audi/Girling engineers, I'm going to put the calipers on the same side as they are supposed to be on, which will put the bleeders at the bottom of the calipers.  This will require me to bleed them unmounted from the caliper brackets.

Brake bleeding isn't something that happens too frequently, annually is what is recommended.  Furthermore, using a pressure bleeder would also make it less of a hassle than pedal-pumping with the caliper off.

So, I think until I get a hold of some T89-specific G60's, or some other big brake setup, this is what I'm going to do.

Aside from the hassle of bleeding the calipers off of the brackets, is there anything I'm overlooking?

These are going to go on my Coupe GT, which will also cause me to need larger than 14" wheels.



p.s.  Since the clutch can be pressure bled, and the slave is lover than the master, would pressure bleeding work for these upside brake calipers too?

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