Coupe GT rear disc conversion, pressure regulator

auditude at auditude at
Mon Jan 27 13:37:35 EST 2003


I scored an '88 90 rear axle with disc brakes for my '86 Coupe GT this weekend.  It looks like to install it I need some '87.5 CGT brake cables, the center lever that pulls on them, and a pressure regulator.

The cables are cheap, and I'm wondering about the pressure regulator.  One theory is to take the regulator from the car the axle came from.  From what I know, the regulator from the '88 90 is the same as the one on my '86 CGT.

The other theory, which I think is the more "right" way to do it, is to use the pressure regulator that came on the '87.5 CGT.  This makes the most sense since the regulator is probably most associated with the chassis and vehicle weight, and less so the axle.

I guess my question is if anyone here has done the rear disc swap and not changed the pressure regulator?  If so, were there any drawbacks?



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