Tom Leppke-Hennig printhead at
Mon Jan 27 13:50:18 EST 2003

I have dealt with them. It is where I bought my rig, (a 1995 90Q,
purchased in '98). That experience was very good. I do not know if that
is more a function of the dealer or the salesman. He was great, but he is
no longer there.

I have had a number of repairs performed by them. While I am always
stunned at how costly the repairs were, they were well done. They took
good notes on what my complaint was, and there were no shenanigans in
parts replacement. Specifically, on seperate occasions, I had an oil leak
diagnosed and repaired under warranty, and I had an alignment, which I
contend very few shops ever do very well. Both experiences were fine.

They recently built a new facility, and it is so huge and well appointed
that it makes you laugh. I mean, it is stupid-big. (They need all that
room to show off the ugly-ass second generation A4). I sure hope somebody
over there knows what they are doing.

Tom LH

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