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Mon Jan 27 12:59:52 EST 2003

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> I'm thinking of getting the H&R springs from Blau. I have an 87 5KTQ w/
> Fuchs-sized wheels and 205/60-15's. Will the rear tires still clear
> everything w/ these springs? I assume the front would be ok. I'm sure some
> folks here have used tell.
> Oh, for those of you who haven't checked these out they lower the car
> approx. 1.5"

> Dave Arkle [ ... ]

There is no issue with clearance between wheel/tire and springs in the
rear, even with wheels which, for reasons of width and/or offset, move
the inner rim toward the car's centerline significantly. Same O.D. as
stock springs.

There is one design flaw in the H&R rears for the type 44 which is not
bad enough to void the advantages but baffling in it's stupidity. The
dead coils wind up (no pun intended) at the hub end of the assembly,
needlessly adding a several ounces to the unsprung weight.
The H&R engineers must have been stoned the day they
drew them up. That said, they are very high quality otherwise.

DeWitt Harrison
88 5kcstq

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