SOS - need help w/Mother in Law's Audi in Alexandria

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Suffolk is about a 3.5 hour drive from Alexandria (opposite ends of the state). There used to be a GREAT all German repair shop in Alexandria, back when I leved there 10 years ago. It was called WagenWorkz or KraftWagen. One is a mechanical shop in Alexandria, the other is a body shop in Arlington. Both are all german shops and took VERY good care of my 81 5+5 and 88 90q. Not sure if either still exists....sorry I can't remember which is which...

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> Try contacting Bruce or Keith. Their shop is in Suffolk, but Bruce lives in Norfolk VA.
> They specialize in Audis and have a stockpile of 5000 parts.
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I realize this is a long shot.  I'm in California and my Mother in Law is in
> > Alexandria, VA.  I was there for a while years ago and have helped her along
> > with her 1985 Audi 5000 since her husband died.  I arranged a good place
> > with a wrench she liked, but after a couple of years, he left and went to a
> > Peugeot garage.  Another wrench took her over and ripped her off several
> > times, and, when she complained, they told her to go elsewhere.
> >
> > She went to Heishman in Arlington and was satisfied with how they took care
> > of her, although it seemed to me that they charged a lot and did unnecessary
> > work from time to time.  Heishman recently split off their Audi group and
> > built a new facility for Audi only;  however, the people with which she had
> > relationships remained at the old facility that does not handle Audi.
> >
> > Her car has 65,000 original miles on it, is totally cherry, and she had all
> > scheduled maintenance done at Heishman and their successor.  This week she
> > went for a Virginia State Inspection Sticker and they found that (1) her
> > "brakes were broke", and (2) "the turn signals _growl_ when a right turn is
> > indicated".  I think the brake pads are worn and need replacing, but I can't
> > decipher the _growl_.  Virginia State Inspection gave her a red sticker
> > meaning the car can't be driven without permission according to her.
> >
> > She panicked and took it to a nearby tire dealer, Merchants Tire, and they
> > told her they could repair the brakes, but she'd have to take it to "Audi"
> > to get the turn signal repaired.  She took it to the new Audi repair
> > facility and they told her that the cost would be $700 for the turn signals
> > and brakes.  After she had taken a cab to her home in Alexandria, she phoned
> > to see when the car would be ready, and they told her that they weren't sure
> > when they'd get the part for the turn signal; the earliest possible date
> > would be Tuesday, 1.28.03.
> >
> > Here's the squirrelly part:  The wrench at the new Audi facility has made
> > overtures that she should just sell him the car for the cost of the repairs
> > and buy another one.  He told her in the past that he wanted it for his
> > wife.  Let me be clear.  He offered her $1,000 for it but said that would
> > cover the repairs and she would net zero.
> >
> > I have no stake in this.  She has had the car since it was new and loves it
> > but others tell her that it's 17 years old and she ought to have a new car,
> > blah, blah.  I don't want to see her or anyone else get ripped off by an
> > unscrupulous mechanic, and, if she wants to get a new car, she deserves to
> > be able to do it in her own time.
> >
> > Anybody near Alexandria that could and would intervene in this?  It gives
> > Audi a bad name to have this kind of crap happening.  BTW, about 3 years
> > ago, I asked the list for help for her and got a few responses.  I've tried
> > to call them myself with no success.
> >
> > Please contact me offline unless someone feels an answer is worthwhile to
> > post on the list.  I can be contacted offline at <superba at>.
> > Sorry for the long post.
> >
> > TIA.
> >
> > Cheers!
> >
> > Jim Jordan
> >
> >
> >

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