Setting Timing (was HELP - Timing Belt Off by one tooth - damage????)

siambisg at siambisg at
Mon Jan 27 13:17:56 EST 2003

a whizzer? what is that?  sounds like a roller coaster or a Fred Savage movie;)

No, i did clean up the block with a metal straight edge, just scraping radially along the circumference (sp?) of where the old seal was.  I didn't get it spotless smooth clean but i did clear away alot of rust/old gummed up seal.  Is that enough, or should i put some fine grade (higher grit) sandpaper on it?

Thanks again,
George Siambis

>No need to change the Oring or remove the pump.  I've had to go back
>after a week and retighten the belt on the 200TQA (parts supplier sent me
>the wrong size idler pulley) and had no problems.  You did cleaned up the
>block area behind the water pump with sandpaper or a whizzer, right?
>siambisg at writes:
>> It now occurs to me that I torqued the waterpump bolts down on
>> Friday afternoon, and tomorrow (Monday morning) I will have to
>> loosen the WP and move it to reset the timing belt.  Should I
>> replace its O-ring seal after only three days of it being pressed
>> b/w the block and pump??
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