Interior switches for 1991 80Q

Huw Powell human747 at
Mon Jan 27 18:11:09 EST 2003

> I need the following switches for my car's interior (mine are intermittent
> in operation and illumination, very annoying):
> Rear Defrost
> Rear Foglight
> Front Foglight
> Both Seat Heater
> Antilock
> Rear Diff Lock
> I attempted to repair the Rear Diff Lock switch and I made it better but
> it's still pretty intermittent, I just really need a used set of known good
> switches for hopefully cheap

No such thing.  As a "new" component on the type 89, those switches (in
general) seem pretty buggy (as opposed to the rest of the electrics,
which after a decade of refinement are much more reliable).  A bit of
dismantling and cleaning goes a long way, and dysfunction rates seem
inversely related to usage.  IE, use them more and they keep working.
So my defroster swicth always works but my rear fog light switch is
totally flaky.

> I tried force5 and a few places online but the
> prices seemed a bit ridiculous. thanks

I'd expect to pay at least $20 for a good used switch like those.
Multiply that by six and it adds up.  And the used switches will be no
better than yours, really, unless you open yours up and clean and grease
them with dielectric grease.

Your seat heater switches shouldn't be an issue, unless it's the lights,
in their case.  A $1 bulb from radio shack can be used (they are these
tiny 1.2 watt or so things) to fix that.

Good luck!

Huw Powell

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