Coupe GT rear disc conversion, pressure regulator

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If you want to have fun, you can do the set up I have.

Just route the brake line to the cabin, and put an adjustable brake bias

If you ever drive  on dirt, you will understand the fun, as soon as you put
more bias to the back.

If you are interested, I can explain more.

BTW, it's also inexpensive and fairly simple. If you can tackle replacing the
axle, you can do it.


>To: Ti Kan
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>Subject: Re: Re: Coupe GT rear disc conversion, pressure regulator
>Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 17:30:50 -0500
>Ti Kan wrote:
> >
> > auditude at writes:
> > > The cables are cheap, and I'm wondering about the pressure regulator.
One =
> > > theory is to take the regulator from the car the axle came from. From
> > > I know, the regulator from the '88 90 is the same as the one on my '86
> > >
> > > The other theory, which I think is the more "right" way to do it, is to
> > > the pressure regulator that came on the '87.5 CGT. This makes the most
> > > nse since the regulator is probably most associated with the chassis and
> > > hicle weight, and less so the axle.
> > > ...
> >
> > The regulator is adjustable, so it shouldn't matter which unit you use
> > as long as it attaches to the axle correctly via the little spring.
> > You should adjust it such that the rear brakes do not lock up before
> > the fronts.
>Hi Ti,
>Thanks for the response. I like that idea, it's inexpensive and keeping with
the half-price day(!) axle I picked up.
>I'm just curious as to why Audi would have changed the regulator (part
number) with the '87.5 CGT. After all, they changed back to the same part
(number) with the '88 90. Maybe that was a mistake and they should've left it
>I want to be practical and pragmatic about this, but at the same time I don't
want to skimp on braking philosophy. Perhaps the regulator is adjustable for
height vs. rear brake proportion, but the "rate" of increase is different or
something. I don't know. I guess I could give it a shot and see what happens.
>Yesterday Rob O' from the list and I were in my Coupe GT, and behind us some
maniac in a Taurus with a high closing speed locked up his brakes and
fishtailed back and forth until he slid to a stop sideways across like 3 lanes
of busy freeway. I was glad he chose that option instead of plowing into us.
Totally nuts.
>I guess the Coupe looks like it's going faster than it really is!

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