HELP - Timing Belt Off by one tooth - damage????

Mon Jan 27 20:08:48 EST 2003

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>  broken timing pin - before I opened up, I had forgotten the tranny in gear
> while turning over the crank by hand.  the inevitable resistance built up,
> i then pushed harder until i heard a sharp cracking sound and the crank
> moved past the resistance point.  _THEN_ i remembered the car was in gear.
> DOH!!! could something else break, the car did not move at all during this.

 Did the car move while you were cranking before the cracking sound? What
about after? What prompted the TB/WP replacement in the first place? Can't
figure out what the cracking sound could be, especially if the car didn't
move while it was in gear while you cranked. It would be very hard to turn
the motor by hand, in gear, with parking brake on. The cracking sound could
have been the crank bolt loc-tite breaking loose.

The car should run with the belt off by one tooth, most people wouldn't
notice the difference cept for sluggishness above 4000 rpm.

You may simply have the distributor in too far off or the wires mixed up.

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