chrome A4 wheels? was there such a thing?

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Mon Jan 27 20:09:26 EST 2003

Not just the TT wheels, which are 5x100 bolt pattern, but
the A6 4.2 used a highly polished 17x8 ET35 5-spoke on sport
package cars in the US and the A8 used a highly polished different
17x8 ET48 5-spoke as an optional wheel in the US. None of these
wheels are chrome, just polished and clearcoated aluminum.

No chrome OEM wheels on Audis.


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>Most likely aftermarket chrome job.  Audi never had any chrome wheels
>as OEM fitment.

Not on the A4, but the TT had polished five-spoke wheels as an option
for a while. They had wider spokes and a dished centre.


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