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Jason Mawhinney jmawhinney at nc.rr.com
Mon Jan 27 20:34:03 EST 2003

>Absolutely!  That is a standard size tire on that car and the suspension
>pivots stay the same.  In other words, the suspension will travel the same
>path when its compressing as it will with stock springs.  I had the H&Rs
>with Boge Turbogas struts and the ride wasn't seriously comprimised but
>the handling was greatly enhanced.  You won't regret getting them!
>Jason Mawhinney
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>At 12:54 AM 1/27/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi all;
>>I'm thinking of getting the H&R springs from Blau. I have an 87 5KTQ w/
>>Fuchs-sized wheels and 205/60-15's. Will the rear tires still clear
>>everything w/ these springs? I assume the front would be ok. I'm sure some
>>folks here have used them...do tell.
>>Oh, for those of you who haven't checked these out they lower the car
>>approx. 1.5"
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