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Mon Jan 27 21:32:42 EST 2003

 Jon Linkov <jon at> writes:

> So, everyone of the 100,000 1.8t engined cars show up to get 4 of the
> 1000 or so coils that are in the US? The article said they are cranking

> them out as fast as they can. With your solution, you'll be on this
> complaining that Audi issued a recall but didn't have enough parts to
> it!

No, there have been recalls involving millions of cars.  The factory
sends out notices, people who have actual failure will be taken care of
first, others will be sent notices with dates to have the known defective
parts or designs changed according to their model, year, vin, (any
criteria they choose) as time and components become available.  With your
logic, nothing should ever be recalled unless the manufacturer has enough
time and parts in stock to effect the recall in one shot.  I think
Audi/VW has an obligation to at least inform owners of what's happening,
but hey, I'm radical that way.

> It's HOW the finish this (ie, replacing all coils) that is
> important. And, as the quotes from Tony Fouldapour (sp?) and Jennifer
Cortez stated,
> it DOESN'T MATTER if you are past 50K/warranty up. Audi will fix the
> problem...

In the past Audi had known bad components and designs, yet handled these
problems with "bulletins",  which literally stated that the known bad
systems/components should only be changed if the customer brought in the
car and complained.   We'll see if they actually call in all the out of
warranty (and in warranty for that matter) cars that haven't manifested
problems when they have enough components.  Lets hope they do.


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