Initial review of Import Sport Vision's T44 H4 headlights

paul fernandes paulfern2000 at
Mon Jan 27 22:54:34 EST 2003

Tony, and all,
DEPO is from Taiwan..they have been around for a few years
I met with them a few months ago..since they are offering
these lamps so cheap..

This is a ligit company and will be one of my suppliers as
well later on.

By the way for those curious...they do not offer the 200

wish you lots of better ligthing...

Ps..I don't think they produce the white blinker ...but I
could be wrong.

Paul F
(custom auto craft)

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> Hi gang,
> Just received my H4 headlights from Import Sport Vision.
> I paid $145 plus shipping for the pair. Took  about a
> week. They ARE made by DEPO and I've yet to find out
> where they're actually made.  There are no markings on
> the lights themselves.  There was a label on the box, but
> that has been cut off.
> First impressions:  very good.  The housings are a direct
> copy of the Bosch units (which I also have) and even
> include the aim correcting lever for heavy loads.  The
> reflectors appear flawless as does the lens (with DEPO
> "molded" into the lower right corner).  The lens is held
> on with the same type of clip as the true Euros.  Does
> not come with either the city light socket or the H4 base
> socket.  Also does not have the rubber boot for the
> wiring.  One caveat, these are the true Euro housings,
> they will NOT accept the DOT corner lights.  You'll
> either need the clear corner lights also made by DEPO, or
> you'll need the Euro corner lights (distinguished by
> their darker orange color).  The mounting tabs are
> physically different.
> If these work as good as they look, it'll be money well
> spent.
> Regards, Tony'83 urquattro #DA900302

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