Subject: driver door will not open

Fifield, Douglas Douglas.Fifield at
Tue Jan 28 07:33:26 EST 2003

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George Kotjarapgolus wrote:

Recently, the doors on my 97 A6 would not open during a cold spell.   I
sprayed silicone on all the rubber and that cured the problem on the next
chill, but today, and one prior occasion, the doors all unlocked and open,
except for the driver's door.  The button was up but the door pull would not
unlatch the door.  I had to reach inside from the back to pull the inside
pull, then it opened.  Never had this happen on any of my prior Audis.  Does
anyone have a clue on what is going on here?

George Kotjarapoglus
gkot at

George, recently had the same thing happen to me with a new (to me) 95.5 S6
Avant.  Nine year old son advised me to try unlocking with the key after
using remote (w remote, all doors unlocked fine cept driver door would not
respond to handle).  Took advice from honorable son and door opened.
Problem has not repeated (course it has also warmed up a few degrees).

Douglas in MN
95.5 S6Avant - mine
98 Mercury Mountaineer - her work sled
98 Toyota RAV4 - for sale
73 BMW R60/5 - lonely in the garage

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