86 5KTQS - Odd Elecrical fault - PLS HELP

Haydn Taylor haydn_taylor at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 10:10:44 EST 2003

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Haydn Taylor Hi All, Having an issue with my 5KTQS and as its 5 degrees in my
garage I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers to save me time
on the floor. Here's the story so far. Sometime last week I noticed the heater
fan was barely trying to come on a little bit, very intermittently (cold ride
home as my heated seat element is broken - anyone know a source for a
replacement?), and then I saw the check enginee light come on very, very
briefly, then it went off and did not come back on so I ignored it. Got on 93S
after a weekend in the hills, and all seemed fine, then I noticed my
headlights seemed to be flickering a little and the fuel pump was louder than
normal. Then got stuck in traffic (Massholes (I am in NH) in SUV's slamming
into each other in the snow) and the radiator fan kicked in, when it did the
flickery lights got worse, and the fuel pump noise started to fluctuate. Then
got off freeway and it felt like it was ruinning on 3.5 cyl's had to hold the
revs at 4K to set off as no torque and it was wanting to stall.Barely made it
back into my garage and shut off all lights, heater, dash lights etc, after a
minute or two of revving around the garage (big communal underground garage)
it cleared up, put lights back on and it was fine. So yesterday I went down
and fired her up and went out for a spin and it all seemed OK apart from the
heater was still mis-behaving. So here's my guesses' 1. Road salt and slush
either in the alternator or in the connector causing low voltage condition,
hence the fuel pump may not have been delivering sufficient fuel, hence the
engine problems. 2. Battery dying 3. temp sender unit somewhere (although I
replaced them all in the summer) having problems or a bad connection. Although
I think this would only cause the heater fan problem. 4. Some odd computer
problem (she has a modified 1.8bar computer). 5. Climate Control Computer
problem, again I cant see how this could effect the engine, maybe I have two
problems? Thats my initial thoughts. If anyone has had a similar experience or
has any good Ideas to save me 'back time' on a 5 degree concrete floor it
would be very much appreciated. Cheers Haydn
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