Coil recoil-update.

cobram at cobram at
Tue Jan 28 11:29:52 EST 2003

I was on the phone today with a friend who works for Audi, a 30+ year
employee whose on the inside track.  Here's the scuttlebutt.
Beware the after market coils that are out there!!!  Seems that the
company that produces them had delivered a significant number of the same
style defective coils to Audi/VW, and they were rejected.  Instead of
being destroyed by the supplier, they have appeared on the secondary
market.  So, be wary of the after market coils!  These are the same style
that fail, and the coils that were rejected by Audi/VW.  The rejected
coils have turned up at 2 or 3 dealers already, their parts departments
unknowingly bought them from suppliers thinking they were the updated
ones.  They have been removed and only Audi/VW supplied coils will be
allowed on the shelves...if the dealer wants to keep his franchise.


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