Nokian WR's,NRW Opinion- And full set mounted on stock ' 83 URQ rims FS

Rocky Mullin caliban at
Tue Jan 28 12:37:57 EST 2003

	gotta say, i LOVE the look of my URQ rims on a newer audi.
informed audi drivers give me crazy, then approving looks.  i run
hakka Qs on them and love 'em.  like joel, i've got some studded
hakka 1s on steel rims.  more tread but i've lost about 5% of the
studs at this point.  i pretty much never run those anymore, since
it's at least two hours of superslab driving for me to even reach
the snow.

	pics of the A4 with URQ rims:

	here are the studzies, too:

	overall though, a BIG recommendation for URQ rims with snows!
yeah, i know ideally snow tires should be narrower.  a couple of seasons
in the sierras though and my results have been really positive.  this
includes hitting the snowy backroads, sometimes deep snow, and whipping
around for fun.

  Rocky Mullin

  The real axis of evil is environmental degradation,
  pandemic poverty, and a world awash in weapons.

                      -Mary Ellen McNish

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