160Hp from a N/A 4000CSQ?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Tue Jan 28 17:33:20 EST 2003

Jesse, IMO the figures on the Blau site are pushing it a bit, 160 is in the ball park for a well breathed on 2.3 10:1 motor as Ben mentioned.   A good port job, bigger valves (40mm intake), 270 cam or so, triple downpipe ala 4kq, 2.25-2.5" exh, free flowing filter (I know, but I think it makes a difference when you're trying to squeeze every amount of flow.  I don't think boring out the TB will do anything, its plenty big on these cars.  Oh yes, I port the lower runners of the intake, blend the inlet of the TB (in the manifold), and port match the ports.  No need to touch the exh. manifold, not much you can do to it anyway.  Igntion is good as is, just advance a little, run 91/92 and make sure all parts are clean and new.  This motor should put out a solid 150 crank hp and rev cleanly to the revlimiter about 6800rpm.  Anything more would require a 2.6 bottom end, at which point about 170 is possible with much more torque.

HTH, lemme know if you have any questions.


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>Was just poking around Blausports web site.  They are claiming 160HP+ in a 4KQ 5cyl, by upgrading the cam, head, TB and exhaust.  Does this seem reasonable to everyone?  Or is this a case of inflation to sell their products?
>Lastly, anyone know where i can get information on the various 5cyl cam specs?  Duration, lift e.t.c.
>Thanks again,
>Jesse Erickson

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