Wife's 4kqcs may have to be taken away

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Tue Jan 28 16:48:26 EST 2003

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> I have met many male customers over the
> years who shouldn't be allowed near a hood latch, yet they seem compelled by
> our culture to be knowledgeable about cars.

I once saw a stand-up skit with Jeff Foxworthy describing his male-stereotype dictated automotive aptitude:

"The car broke down on the highway, and the wife told me to go find out what was wrong. Now I don't know the first thing about cars, but being the dutiful husband in a traditional male role, I jumped out, popped the hood, stood there looking at all the interesting looking stuff for a few moments.

Then I looked around the hood, and told my wife to try to start it. It didn't start.

"OK", I said, "let me try something..."

I looked at all the wires and covers, wondering what that thing was for, and tapped a bit on something shiny, then again said "OK, try it now". When it still didn't start, I exclaimed that maybe we should call a tow truck. She agreed, and was very happy that I had tried."

OK, perhaps a bit paraphrased, and I am sure it was MUCH funnier coming out of Jeff's mouth, but you get the drift...

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