Need Audi Mechanic or a favor in Orange County, CA ASAP

Mike Robinson quattrofan at
Tue Jan 28 18:45:46 EST 2003

I blew my Alternator Belt on the 55 tonight coming back from work.
All of my tools and Bentley are up in the bay area.  I was scheduled to make
the drive up tomorrow night (Wed) because I have to move out of my house by
the 1st. I am in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area.

I need either a close by mechanic that can do this tomorrow.

Or if a lister is willing to let me borrow some tools and knows where I can
find the belt, I would be greatly obliged.

The car is an 88 90quattro.  I have taken that belt on and off and am more
than capable of doing it quickly.  I just have no tools with me at the time.
All I think I need is a 22mm and a 19mm.  There is still some juice on the
battery, but the CIS was kickin a bit as I got to my apartment.  So I could
drive somewhere close.

Please call me at 949-631-4697 if you can help out or send me an email.

Thanks in advance ot anyone that can help.

Mike Robinson

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