Fuel Injector/Carbon Cleaner

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 19:40:12 EST 2003

Not sure what you mean by "data"?  No dyno results or
anyother type of "measurement".  Injectors involve
observed spray pattern.  Not sure if it's my area or
if others get this too, but about every 15-20k the
injector spray pattern goes away and the ISV gets
sticky.  Usually Jectron or Techron takes care of it.
I HAVE had to go as strong as 1 can to less than 5
gallons.  My old neighbor worked for Toyota corporate
and could get this really cool scope that fed in
through the spark plug holes.  You watched on a TV
screen.  Both Audis were LOADED with combustion
chamber carbon.  REALLY bad.  I was going to pull the
head.  I did dose the sh*t out of both with
VentilSauber.  3 or 4 cans for each.  Some with as
little as 2-3 gallons of gas.  Ran like sh*t.  Mass
black crap out tailpipe.  Changed all fluids and
filters afterwards.  Now I use them as maintance
mostly.  Every couple tankfuls.  Seems to be working.

Jim Accordino

--- Jpinkowish at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 1/27/03 10:30:50 PM EST,
> ssgacc at yahoo.com writes:
> > I've had real good results with products made by
> Lubromoly.
> Hi Jim,
> Could you provide some details on the good results?
> Not baiting you, just
> thought that you might have some specific data.
> Thanks.  Perhaps post your reply to the list for the
> benefit of all?
> Jan Pinkowish
> '85 4ksq
> Bristol, CT

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