Speaker wiring

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Tue Jan 28 23:12:42 EST 2003

> But I digress... my question to all you audio DIYers is:
> a) where do I put this beast of an amp? Is there anywhere other than
> the trunk that has enough ventilation?

the sunroof?  in front of the radiator?  put it in the trunk...

> b) where should I hook it up? go through a spare fuse or straight to
> the battery? and how is the easiest way to send a wire through the
> firewall and trunk area?

dedicated wire to the battery, you'll need to create some kind of nice
grommet in a new hole in the firewall.  Don't forget an equally beefy
ground wire to the chassis and make sure the battery is gorunded well.

get one of those nice pretty big fuse holders and put it in the new wire
as close to the battery as you can.  Size the fuse to the wire to
protect it.

this might be a good time to move the battery to the trunk...

Huw Powell



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