5ktq Diverter Valve install?

Christian O'Leary chrisoleary37 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 29 01:23:24 EST 2003

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Hey everyone.  I'm ready to install a d/v on my 10vt, I'd love to hear ever=
yone's thoughts on this.  I understand that in theory the closer to the t/b=
, the better.  However, I know the factory S6 d/v is plumbed in pretty much=
 right after the turbo.  I'm thinking the best spot for a good quality inst=
all is to make a flange in the intercooler itself, on that flat spot betwee=
n the inlet and outlet tubes.  I'd also like to divert the air as close to =
the cold side intake as possible.  I'm planning on welding a bung to the in=
tercooler pipe... we shall see.  What has everyone else done?  I don't like=
 the idea of modding the i/c to t/b hose, as that seems like a weak point a=
s it is.  Thanks.  :)


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