flat tire

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Jan 29 03:05:27 EST 2003

	well, i'm not sure if it's permanent, or if it's truly a puncture
that it's repairable.  i'll know when i get up in the morning.  if i
do need a new tire, it's not so bad, as it's time for a new set anyway i
think.  there seems to be a little tread left, but not much.  the car has
37k miles but i've done lots with the snow tires.

	anyway, recommendations for replacement rubber?  performance is an
important factor for me but not at the total expense of longetivity and
comfort/quiet.  2000 A4 avant with sport package.  i'll totally forego
snow capabilities, since if i'm in snow it's going to be a very intentional

	clicking through tirerack i've found a few that look pretty good.
i haven't been paying attention to tires for a while, though.  thoughts?

	michelin pilot sport
	dunlop sport sp9000 (probably won't as i'd like to try something new)
	bridgestone potenza s-03 pole position
	goodyear eagle f1 gs-d3

	based on tirerack, the goodyear has the lead, followed by the
bridgestone.  basically, i want something that handles better than my sp8000
set that is running low on tread.


Rocky Mullin

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