MC turbo head install help (engine in car)

EBavely veetesse at
Wed Jan 29 11:59:29 EST 2003

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Hello all...

Kind of an update to the "MC low oil pressure" saga in my 4ktq project.  I =
ended up getting another whole MC-1 engine to build up after yanking the fi=
rst one.

Still no indication of what caused the low oil pressure, but since the repl=
acement engine was relatively inexpensive, I decided to go that direction. =
 If the low oil pressure persists after firing this engine, I'll know that =
it's something in the head causing the problem that I can't readily see.

Anyway, the bottom end is built and installed in the car ready to go, all I=
 have to do now is install the head (with manifolds attached) onto the bloc=
k with the head gasket.  I left the head off of the engine because getting =
the bottom end on the transmission was MUCH easier than fighting the turbo =
/ manifolds alignment at the same time (the exhaust and downpipe will not s=
eparate).  Before doing this, I wanted to seek some advice from those that =
have done this before.

So...would it be better to shoehorn the head in with manifolds and turbo at=
tached and try to line up with the downpipe or would it be best to remove t=
he turbo in order to get the head alignment correct first, then install the=
 turbo afterwards?

Is installing the turbo onto the EM much harder once the head is in place? =
 I'm a little concerned about trying to support the entire weight of the he=
ad / manifolds/ turbo while trying to correctly install the headgasket and =
keep the downpipe alignment correct.  Maybe use a hoist to support the weig=
ht?  Any BTDT?

Thanks for the advice...

Elliott Bavely

86 4ktq
81 Coupe ITB, 83 CGT
88 80 Fwd
83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet

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