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Dave Hord spokes at
Wed Jan 29 14:13:58 EST 2003

Time for me to jump in...

Javad, I had no idea you were an NA man as well!!

"since I got my start massaging NA VW and Audi motors, I'm happy to pass on
some info"

I've been toying around with the idea of doing up an Audi 20V (7A) motor for my
90q.  I'm well aware that $/HP will be higher then if I do a turbo swap...but
I've just never liked the feel of a turbo.  Working at Vibrant I've been able
to drive more then my fair share of them too ;-)

What do you think of the 20V platform?  Better to go with a 10v or the 20v?  I
already have the NG in my '89 I could play with that...but thought a
20V might be interesting.  Not to mention allow a little more tuning with
adjustable cam gears etc.

My thoughts would be to buy a 20v, strip it and do a 'stage 4' upgrade on it
before dropping it in the car.

Basic plans would be to do the following...regardless of 10V or 20V:

Intake - Filter, full port and polish.  Might as well polish the TB while I'm
there...not that I expect it to do anything.

Valves - Should I play with size, or just do a proper valve seat?

Bore/Stroke - I have no ideas here...still need to read up on the effects of
changing it...any thoughts?

Pistons - Wiesco...just because I think I have a contact there.  What about

Cams - 272 on the 10v, not sure about the 20v at this point.  Might go with
something even more extreme...and ignore the 'lumpy' or 'eight-stroking' idle.

Adjustable cam gears, just to see if I can 'tweak' the powerband a little bit.

Exhaust - Custom exhaust header (I think I can handle that ;-) as well as full
cat back exhaust (already done I might add).

My thoughts are to start with the above and see what sort of gains are pulled.
The goal being to increase the power and torque but on a much more linear curve
vs. a turbo application.  I'd probably move (after ensuring the darned thing
runs) over to a 034efi or Megasquirt set-up...just to have a little bit more
room to play with.

At this point I'm just playing with ideas in my the option of 20v/10v
plus all the parts are still way out in the open.  For the moment lets assume
money is no WILL be an option, but might as well dream for the
heavens and then determine which stratosphere I can actually hit.



-Dave Hord - Mississauga Ontario, Canada.  Also not scared to admit it ;-)

89 90q  300km+ Rally Conversion...
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