Hood cann't won't open broken hood cable repair Fix open hood

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I even banged out photos and a web page last night.
-Scott in BOSTON


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This came from Chris at Force Five.com
Metal coathanger bent top hook area reshaped to a large "J" hook.
Bottom hanger part made for a "handle" to hold onto to.
In thru the grill on the drivers right side.
You can see the wire go along the front,
Use hook to catch wire and pull straight - back away from car.
you may have to do both sides, just move J hook closer to each hood
I post photos later today - just did it too.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON
I can=92t pop the hood on my 89 Audi 100 Quattro. I went to pop it the
other day and it seems the cable broke. Any suggestions on an easy way
to get the thing open without a can opener?

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