90,000 miles -Synthetic Oil?

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You've opened a can of worms here...

David K.
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I've got an 89 200 TQ with about 90,000 miles on it.  Car as been pampered
and is in great shape.  Ive always used standard oil - played around with
the weight to get the lifters to quiet down but thats about it.  Friend says
I should switch to Mobil 1 - higher mileage formula.

Obviously I don't put allot of miles on this car each year.  I currently end
up changing the oil more because of time passage than mileage.  I recall
reading something that says switching to synthetic may be a bad idea for
older cars.

Query - is this a good idea?  Would not mind putting in a product that
allows me to go along time without changing oil.  What impact will this
stuff have on lifter noise - will I finally be able to throw out the Magic
Mystery Oil?  Does my car have too many miles on it to safely switch?

Thanks for the advice


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