A8/A4 wheels

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A8 5-spoke 17x8 ET48
A8 5-spoke 16x7.5 ET38

Two very similar wheels, diff. offsets.


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Are you sure about that?
I was under the impression that the A8 wheels were ET48, not ET38. -Mark


for sale on the marketplace: this is the perfect combo of 16" wheel
setup for the type44 turbo quattro. fits all 5000TQ and 200TQ. whis this
is special? because the A4 alloys have a 45mm offset, which is perfect
for the type44 rears, and the A8 alloys have a 38mm offset which is
perfect for the fronts, so NOTHING RUBS! heres the link to the
marketplace for more info/pics: <A
le=parts">FS: A4/A8 16</A>

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