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Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Wed Jan 29 23:25:25 EST 2003

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In this respect, we agree.

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 23:11:47 -0500 "Wylie Bean"
<TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com> writes:

> I may not agree with your point, but I'll be the first to defend
> your right
> to have the opportunity to make it.

FWIW,  I'm not likely to be in line at the Nissan dealer
either, as I said, not my personal taste. The G35 could be on my list, as

was the RX7 TwinTurbo and even the previous (final?) Nissan 300ZX. For
me that's about it if it's to be a daily driver, although I am
considering a
Miata to replace my lamented lost A2 GTi (lost to mother nature's fury,
the metal moth, car was pristine and I won many a class win at least
regionally (SCCA)). I guess a Skyline could  be considered, but they're
not even here yet.

I would have to say, my inherited (not sure if it's really even mine)
Subie beater (it's keeping the 200 nice and clean and virtually salt
free!) is nearly a piece of junk (okay, exaggerated, but it has all
of the taste and quality of the '74 Rabbit, no C, no L, just Rabbit),
but in spite of it's lack of power (feels good, but by the numbers,
slow) but it's actually rather fun to drive. It's got poor material
quality, but it's actually rather well built. I'd never go out of my
way to buy one, but....


On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 23:11:47 -0500 "Wylie Bean"
<TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com> writes:
> Larry, et al,
> I may not agree with your point, but I'll be the first to defend
> your right
> to have the opportunity to make it.  I'm a big fan of choice, and
> thank God
> I've got the opportunity to make my own.  There's no way to compare
> a Sentra
> or an Altima to an Audi, because they're vastly different in both
> price and
> execution.  I'm still sticking with the idea though that if I had to
> go out
> and spend $27K on a new Altima 3.5, I'd be looking for a 2000
> A6quattro,
> period.  Maybe even a higher mileage 2.7T.  I've both driven and
> ridden in a
> G35 and Z, and quality and fit/finish may be close, but IMHO isn't
> up to the
> level of what is generally regarded as the leader in interior
> design/execution...Audi (not just my opinion either).  Now if you
> consider
> gizmos, the Japanese may have it over Audi, but if I want gizmos,
> I'll shop
> at Brookstone or The Sharper Image.
> I'm as open-minded as anyone, but I'm also going to state my
> position and
> live with it, no matter how many people disagree.  That's their
> prerogative,
> and yours.  I wouldn't even think of standing in your way if you
> wanted to
> buy, lease, rent, whatever, an Infinity or a Lexus....you just won't
> find me
> in line behind or in front of you.  I'd have to say that Infinity is
> at
> least on the right track, as their cars do have an enthusiast
> edge...more
> than I can say for Luxury EXport to the US...and don't even bring up
> the
> IS300.
> Wylie
> ps, if i had to go mainstream japanese, it'd be a Mazda, last
> generation RX7
> most likely.  The last truly unique (read not a copy of something
> German.
> The new Z is a very bad rip-off of the TT.  Cripes, it even made
> Forbes
> magazine) car out of Japan.
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> > Wylie,
> >
> > Nissan is coming out of a period of barely surviving. The new
> Altima
> > is one of the first new products (designed on a budget) and the
> Sentra was
> on the older budget. First off, considering the price point of
> either of
> those cars, an apples to apples comparison is somewhat difficult to
> make
> with Audi and them, as the Nissans are priced somewhat below even
> the VW
> line. So, in comparison, Nissans are little hot rods a little short
> on
> refinement, but large in space and performance technology. Luxury
> is
> somewhat behind the VAG products. However, the newer Nissans are
> nowhere
> near the "tin cans" you describe, they have stiff monocoques, and
> particularly in the Sentra, they work quite well in terms of over
> the road
> performance, and unlike the little hot rods from D-C (read Neon)
> they have
> durability to boot. (The Maxima has just been redesigned, so no
> knowledge
> here). To bring the cars up to price point, consider ANY of the new
> FM
> chassis cars. I haven't driven one yet, but I did get a ride, and
> the
> quality, fit, finish and technology is certainly a !
> > near equal if not better in some areas, than the Audi's. Both are
> excellent, but just like froggy (Lethal Weapon 3 AIR) they are
> different. In
> terms of performance, the G35's, 350Z and the new FM based SUV
> Crossover are
> quite impressive, and undercut any Audi of similar performance in
> terms of
> price.
> >
> > Now, I am not a fan of Nissan, but I also am not going to dis what
> are
> equal but different automobiles that are coming from them. Think
> back to the
> mid-late '80's Audi's in terms of fit/finish/reliability/performance
> per $
> and you can see, if you are objective, that Audi was in no better
> position
> than Nissan is now, and I'd actually say Nissan is in a better
> place. It
> took the A4 to bring Audi back into sensibly priced cars for what
> you got.
> >
> > Instead of dissing a new philosophy of products, embrace them and
> accept
> their differences. (I'd include Mazda here). Remember, choice is
> good.
> >
> > LL - NY
> >

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