headlamp washers

Andrew Duane USG duane at zk3.dec.com
Thu Jan 30 08:53:13 EST 2003

Hairy green toads from Mars made Lee Levitt say:

> ...aren't washing on my '95.5 S6 avant. I'm getting fluid on the windshield
> as normal, but the headlamp washers don't appear to move at all.
> Are they electrical or hydraulic (extended by water pressure)?

There is a separate pump, controlled by whether the headlights
or corner markers are on. The washers themselves are operated by
the pressure of the pump. So if the pump is DOA, they won't work.
And, as mentioned, the lights need to be on. And, there is about
a 1 or 2 second delay before the headlights wash, to allow you a
quick spritz on the windshield without wasting extra fluid.


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