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V-rated Kumho 712's have a treadwear of 300 and if driven hard go about
30+K miles. BTW, on a small light car such as the CGT, 712's would be
plenty sticky. See Grassroots Motorsports sometime last year for a head to =
head comparo of both the 712 and MX to other well known HiPerf tires such a=
s the Pilot Sports etc. The only reason that they give up on my
200 is due to size, which is a 5K/200 problem. Finally, don't forget
tires get hard by the 4th year and it is recommended replacement no
longer than every 4 years if you haven't worn out the tread sooner.
The 712's work well in the wet until about 5/32nds, when they start
getting pretty average. Also, being a summer tire, they start acting
pretty slick (especially wet) when the temps drop below 40F. (and you
should see how DOT radials are at 50F! On a non driven axle, i.e. cold, the=
y might as well be 50 yr old rubber!)


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The MX have something like a treadwear of 220, IIRC, so you're looking
at maybe 20-30k mileage, depending on how you drive.

I'd rather replace tires every two to three years than lose traction
which affects braking and handling signficantly.


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Nice!  I just checked them out.  What kind of mileage can be expected?
My CQ is a daily driver and I'd rather not put a set on every year.  The
712 is definitely not sticky but it does hold up.

David K.

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> David-
> Don't take this the wrong way, but the Kumho MX is a completely
> different tire compared to the 712s- they are on par with the S03 and
> Pilot Sport in every category except price.
> Taka

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