"Dummy" Fog lamp lenses next to flasher lamps in Audi 4000, 1985-87

Mike jester at cfnson.com
Fri Jan 31 04:18:23 EST 2003

From: "Huw Powell" <human747 at attbi.com>
> Um, can you make them a non-reflective black to blend in with the bumper?

Yes.  Although it's really a very, very, very dark violet, rather than a
true black.  I don't know how closely this would match the bumper.

Some time in the near future, we'll have a black resin available that cures
to the same color, texture and flexibility of the tires that are included
with most 1:24/1:25 scale model cars, but I don't know how well it would
lend itself to this application.

Technically, I suppose we could produce them with either a copper, bronze or
gunmetal metalized finish, too; but the cost would go up for these because
of the increased labor and additional materials.

We're also looking at making the lenses available clear _and_ unassembled.
This would make it possible for the purchaser to color the lenses from the
back side using a spray paint to match or compliment the color scheme of
their 4K.

Since I haven't physically seen the assembly, I can't definitely say for
sure what we'll be able to produce and offer.  I'm not really sure if the
back of the lens is "colored" with a reflective coating, or if it's the
"frame" that's colored, or if the reflective bit is actually a separate part
that fits inside the assembly.

TTFN - Mike Jackson
Casting Fool & Son
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